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Rehabilitation Services

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After surgery, the rehabilitation specialists at the Total Joint Center work with orthopedic patients and their doctors to provide rehabilitation therapy in the hospital and after discharge to facilitate a faster recovery and more rapid return to normal activity. In the healing and soothing environment of the Total Joint Center, experienced occupational and physical therapists work with patients to help restore function in damaged joints, improve patients' levels of activity, alleviate pain and build confidence. Whether or not patients require surgery, experts in rehabilitation can play a major role in preventing or limiting disability and helping patients live more comfortably and recover more fully.

The rehabilitation process is fully integrated into the total care plan for the patient, and therapists work closely with the nursing staff to ensure that the patient's pain is well controlled before any therapy is started. For most patients, the rehabilitation process starts on the day of surgery as soon as the patient arrives on the nursing unit. The typical patient follows a well planned goal-based rehabilitation process in the hospital, designed to restore mobility and function as quickly as possible.

Most patients are prepared to be discharged home either on the day of surgery or the following day. Our therapists are well-versed is discharge planning and recommendations for home safety. After leaving the hospital, most patients require outpatient therapy for two to six weeks after surgery. The length of time required for full recovery depends on many factors, including the patient's age, state of health and activity level prior to surgery.

Patient Satisfaction

The Miriam Hospital consistently ranks highly in overall patient satisfaction. Rehabilitation therapists are an integral part of that process and participate actively in providing a positive patient experience. We regularly receive feedback on patient satisfaction surveys regarding the excellent care provided in rehabilitation services at The Miriam Hospital.