Total Joint Replacement
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A New Approach to Shoulder Replacement

Surgeons at the Total Joint Center offer several effective options for shoulder replacement, including a stemless shoulder implant, a leading-edge technology.

While traditional total shoulder replacement is an excellent option for many patients who suffer from shoulder arthritis, there are concerns about the longevity of the implants in younger patients. With a more active population, longer life spans, and our ability to treat younger patients, this is an important consideration. Some new technologies are better suited to serve this younger population.

The Tornier Simpliciti prosthesis — the only stemless shoulder replacement on the market in the United States — is one of these. Unlike traditional shoulder implants, it doesn’t require a stem down the middle of the arm bone (humerus) or cement to secure it. This better preserves the natural bone structure while resurfacing both the ball and socket joint of the shoulder to decrease pain and improve function.

If a revision surgery becomes necessary in the future and the implant needs to be removed, it can be done more easily and with much less damage to the bone of the upper arm than with a traditional prosthesis. Placing a subsequent shoulder implant is likely to be more straightforward, with a better outcome. That’s especially important in younger patients, who may have revision surgery later in life to replace a worn joint.

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