Total Joint Replacement
Lifespan Orthopedics Institute

Total Joint Replacement Patient Stories

Paul's Story

Paul's Story

Paul Zimmerman had an innovative shoulder replacement surgery at Lifespan after doing extensive research about hospitals in the Northeast, including Boston and New York.

"The shoulder replacement surgery was 'a life-changing event.'" - Paul Zimmerman

Paige Plumb

Paige's Story

Paige Plumb, DVM, a West Warwick veterinarian, needed two new hips in order to care for her four-legged patients.

"There isn’t anything I can’t do now."  - Dr. Paige Plumb

Karen Holt

Karen's Story

When Karen Holt received her second knee replacement, she decided to do something different. She decided to recover from her surgery at home and have a physical therapist come to her house.

"Recovering at home, you can get up at will, task yourself with different things." - Karen Holt

Damian's Story

Damian Dupuy, MD's problems began as a teenager and he had undergone multiple surgeries since.  However, his work, which requires him to stand for hours, had taken a toll. He was in constant pain.

"I realized that now was the time to have a total knee replacement."  - Dr. Damian Dupuy