Verrecchia Clinic for Children with Autism and Developmental Disabilities
Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities at Bradley Hospital

What to Expect at the Verrecchia Clinic

Our Treatment Approach

Our therapy services are tailored to each child and family. We spend time getting to know the child or adolescent, family, and their needs. Our care is centered on your family’s goals and on collaborating to provide what you think will be helpful.

How often children and their family visit the clinic is individualized. When they are getting to know the therapist, they may come weekly for sessions, and then less often as problems are resolved. When they see a psychiatrist for medication management, they may come every few weeks at first, and then go several months between visits.

Your First Visit

When you call the Verrecchia Clinic, a staff person will take your child’s basic information: name, your phone number, who referred them, insurance coverage, and a brief statement of the challenges to be worked on. You will hear back from someone within several days to schedule an appointment. If you don’t hear back within a week, you may call to check on the status of your request.

Your child’s first visit to our clinic will include:

Check-in and registration: To pass the time in the waiting area, there are some toys and reading materials.

Intake interview: The psychologist or clinical social worker will gather information in a meeting that will take between 60 and 90 minutes. This interview focuses on learning about your child’s strengths and needs in the areas of socialization, sensory functioning, language, education, and behavior. Your child’s functioning at home and school, as well as in other areas of their life, will be discussed. Often the interview is with the child and parent/family together. At times, the clinician may spend some individual time with your child as well.

Wrap-up: At the end of the meeting, the psychologist or clinical social worker will review initial recommendations with you regarding individual therapy, family therapy, evaluation for psychiatric medication, or a combination of these.

Tour the Verrecchia Clinic

We've created an illustrated guide for your child about what they can expect while they wait for their therapist.

Download the guide

And explore our outpatient clinic with the virtual tour below so you’ll know what to expect on your first visit.

Information desk at Verrecchia Clinic

The Information Desk

Welcome! When you arrive, please check in at the information desk on your left.

Waiting area at the Verrecchia Clinic

Waiting Area

Our sunny waiting area has comfy chairs to relax in before your doctor calls you for your appointment.

The waiting area at the Verrecchia Clinic has plenty of space in which to stretch out.

Plenty of Space

There's plenty of space for you to stretch out.

Verrecchia Clinic appointment door

Appointment Door

Your doctor will come through this door, call your name, and walk with you to your appointment.

Verrecchia placard

Our Friends, the Verrecchias

This clinic was made possible by our friends, the Verrecchias.