Viral Hepatitis Initiative

The Viral Hepatitis Initiative at The Miriam Hospital offers a consultation and treatment program for persons diagnosed with viral hepatitis.

Services are provided regardless of insurance status and include clinical evaluation, assessment of the extent of liver injury, and treatment when indicated.

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For more information about the viral hepatitis initiative or for consultation and treatment referrals, please call 401-793-2912.

Treatment for hepatitis C is rapidly evolving, with new therapies available that both significantly reduce the side effects and complications of treatment and offer treatment opportunities for those who were not able to be cured with currently approved treatment regimens. Through the clinical trials program, The Miriam Hospital supports access to and evaluation of novel therapies for hepatitis C. Care for patients with cirrhosis is provided in partnership with the Division of Gastroenterology. 

As part of our consultation services, patients are linked to needed medical care.

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