Women’s Medicine Collaborative Primary Care
A Coastal Medical Practice

Health Care Visit Options

Many of our patients have told us they love the option of telemedicine. We hear you and plan to incorporate telemedicine into our practice long-term. However, not all visits can be safely done via a phone call or video visit. 

  • Chronic Care Visit
    Your provider will review all of your medical conditions and discuss an individualized plan of care. This may include adjustment of medications, ordering of tests and/or referral to specialists or other services. Good control of chronic conditions such as hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, and asthma, to name a few, is the key to maintaining optimal health. This visit may be an in-person office visit or may be a telemedicine appointment during which you speak with your provider by a phone and/or video call. 
  • Wellness Visit
    We are most excited to introduce the wellness visit. In our current system, we tend to focus on “sick” care and not “health” care, placing the focus of most visits on management of diseases or conditions. The wellness visit is intended to focus on prevention of disease and your overall health and well-being. At this visit, our team will update your medical, family and social history and review medications and allergies.  The provider will do important health screenings, immunizations and will do a physical exam. In addition, there will be more time to discuss important aspects of health such as healthy eating, physical activity, stress management, sleep and relationships. All patients will have an in-person wellness visit each year. Most insurance plans cover this visit without a co-pay.
  • Targeted Visit
    This is a brief visit to address a specific issue. If you have a new or urgent medical problem, we have same-day appointments available. This visit type may also be used for a brief follow up such as a blood pressure check, a brief check-in to review test results, or to see if a new treatment is effective. This visit may be an in-person office visit or a telemedicine appointment during which you speak with your provider by phone and/or video call.