Young Adult Outpatient Psychiatry

Improving Accessibility to Mental Health Services for Young Adults

The Young Adult Outpatient Psychiatry program helps 18- to 26-year-olds struggling with psychiatric illness live more productive lives by providing comprehensive and age appropriate psychiatric services.

Our program seeks to improve accessibility to mental health services for young adults in Rhode Island, with a special emphasis on partnering with university- and college-based counseling centers in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

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Contact Us

For more information, or to make an appointment, please call our Providence, RI location at 401-793-8808 or our East Greenwich, RI location at 401-606-4415.

We Challenge Barriers

Young adults with psychiatric illness face several challenges, including navigating multiple programs and delivery systems.

Existing mental health services are not necessarily tailored to a particular mental disability or age range, which may discourage young adults from receiving the care they need.

Our team is dedicated to the development of innovative mental health service models, outreach, and advocacy for the benefit young adults and their families.

Lifespan Locations

Over 1,620 hospitals and clinics throughout Rhode Island, here are some featured locations: