We’ve all experienced it from time to time, the internet’s favorite acronym: FOMO, the Fear of Missing Out. We see our friends or family out doing something fun and posting pictures while we cannot be there. FOMO sets in, and we wonder how much fun they’re having, who is there, what they’re talking about, and so on.

Although it’s fun to say, FOMO is not a fun feeling. Enter: JOMO, FOMO’s more positive cousin. The Joy of Missing Out allows you to let go of your thoughts of other people’s lives, focus on what you’re doing and why you’re happy where you are. And while we have all likely experienced FOMO, we have also likely experienced the joy and relief of canceling plans we never actually wanted to attend.

We believe that finding the joy in alone time is an essential part of health and wellness. Some of our previous blogs have touched on mindfulness practices that can aid in your transition from FOMO to JOMO. First things first: be present in your moment and disconnect from your smartphone.

Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There!

Too often, we find ourselves distracted by outside influences and we lose awareness of where we are and of what we’re doing now. Some people actively seek out these distractions as a relief from the present or as a means of escape from dissatisfaction. This is harmful to overall wellness—give mindfulness a try with these steps.

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Yoga and its Many Benefits

Among the many physical and emotional benefits of yoga, the one that seems to be more widely known is its ability to help with stress reduction. Learn about yoga’s benefits as well as which types of yoga can help certain medical issues.

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Five Ways to Make the Most of Your Vacation

Being on vacation with your family is reserved for uninterrupted quality time. It can be a time for stress-reduction, bonding and unplugging. This blog highlights five ways to make the most of your vacation, none of which involve paying any attention to other people’s trips.

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Relax! Your Mind and Body Will Thank You

Stress is a natural and often reoccurring emotion that brings out the anxiety in all of us. Handling stress, no matter how it is brought on, is an important part of your mindfulness practice. Here are a few tangible efforts you can make to reduce stress.

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The Mind-Body Connection

Mental health is essential to our overall well-being. Our mental and physical beings are connected and one can affect the other. Getting your mental health in check is important to improving our health and wellness.

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