Nobody’s body is perfect! Everyone has parts of their body that they wish they could change. That is, unless they have worked on accepting their perfectly imperfect body.

You are more than your body. You are your character, your strengths, your talents, and your unique personality. Don’t believe this to be true? Think about your bestie or other very special person in your life. What makes them so special to you?

Did you think about their pant size or their weight? Of course not. You thought about your shared memories, how they have supported you, how they “get” you, their laugh or wit, and your feelings for each other. None of this has to do with their body shape or size.

Well, the reverse is true as well. Others value you for who and what you are to them, not for the vessel you happen to travel this earth in. Again, you are more than your body.

There are so many things to appreciate about your body. Think about each part and all the many things it allows you to do:

  • Your brain helps you daily with too many things to count.
  • Your eyes take in beautiful scenes from the world around you, appreciate works of art, and see the ones you love.
  • Your ears hear laughter, waves, and music.
  • Your legs carry you where you need to be.
  • Your arms have the strength to carry your groceries or lift a crying baby.
  • Your heart beats steadily to keep you alive.

Your body may not fit your ideal of what you wish for it to be, but it’s amazing. What it does for you every day should not be taken for granted.

The simple act of taking a pause each day to be mindful of what your body does for you can help you accept your body. Body positivity is not just a movement, but a mindset. Embrace your perfectly imperfect body and see what happens!

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