What is integrative therapy?

Integrative therapy is a patient-centered approach to care that provides holistic methods to complement traditional healthcare. Patients are assessed as a whole person—not only what brings them to the hospital for treatment, but also their physical state, mindset, spiritual beliefs, culture, and more that impacts their personal well-being—to determine the appropriate intervention.

Integrative therapy can be applied to any patient care discipline, including cancer treatment, urologic care, and joint replacement surgery. The integrative therapy team at The Miriam Hospital includes registered nurses who are trained in integrative therapy services and are Reiki-certified, as well as a Reiki-certified volunteer. The team provides supportive care for the inpatients at the hospital as well as staff. As part of the Total Joint Center at The Miriam Hospital, integrative therapy incorporates the holistic modalities into post-surgical care.

What are examples of integrative therapy?

Integrative therapy modalities or services offered at The Miriam Hospital include:

  • Reiki - a simple energy technique done with light or no touch to restore balance and energy flow in the body
  • Massage - a light- to medium-pressure to soothe muscles and promote relaxation. Massage is limited to scalp, shoulders/back, hands and feet
  • Guided imagery - the use of words and music to induce positive imaginary scenarios and promote well-being
  • Breathing techniques - brings awareness to the act of one’s breathing to enhance flow of oxygen and relaxation
  • Meditation - mental exercises that focus on calming the mind and promoting relaxation
  • Progressive muscle relaxation - a process of focusing on muscle groups individually to create a greater relaxation response
  • Introduction to The Miriam Hospital Care channels – television channels available on all inpatient televisions: channel 18 has beautiful scenic videos accompanied by calming music, and channel 16 provides 24/7 guided meditations

Is integrative therapy effective?

Research shows the services provided by integrative therapy can assist with decreasing anxiety and pain, promoting better sleep, reducing fatigue, and supporting overall well-being. The Miriam Hospital’s Integrative Therapy team has received many positive responses from patients who experienced improved outcomes.

How does integrative therapy help joint replacement patients?

The focus of the integrative therapy services is to help decrease anxiety, pain, promote rest, and provide emotional support. Patients of the Total Joint Center are given information about integrative therapy during the pre-operation class, which gives them time to review and anticipate what services interest them. Once admitted, a member of the integrative therapy team will attempt to visit the patient during their hospitalization, review the integrative therapy program, and provide details about the services. Integrative therapy is just one of the ways the Total Joint Center helps our joint replacement patients recover faster.

To learn more about the Total Joint Center, visit our webpage or call 401-793-5852.

Jill McLoughlin, BSN, RN, RMT, HNB-BC

Jill McLoughlin, BSN, RN, RMT, HNB-BC, is part of the Integrative Therapy team at The Miriam Hospital. She is board certified in Holistic Nursing and is trained as a Reiki Master Teacher.