This weekend we are faced with that “spring ahead” conundrum – we know we want that extra daylight, but we don’t want to lose sleep over it!

Daylight Saving Time officially begins at 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 13. So when you head off to bed Saturday, be sure to move your clocks ahead an hour.

We go through this every year and we make ourselves feel better by knowing we get more daylight in the evening and spring is just around the corner. But as humans, our internal clocks feel that change.

That hour of sleep we lose really seems to hit us on that Monday morning. Some small studies have found that car crashes are more common that Monday after the time change – even more reason to be sure you’re awake and alert on the roads.

So before you feel like you’ve gotten hit with jet lag without the fun of a vacation, here are some tips to avoid feeling that loss of sleep:

  • Start now! Go to bed a bit earlier each night this week. Just 15 minutes each night will help. Then the actual time change won’t feel as drastic.
  • If you’re not working on Sunday, take advantage of it with a quick 20-minute nap.
  • Be sure to get some exercise in. You’ll sleep better and your heart will thank you.
  • Relax before bedtime and put away electronic devices before heading to bed.

So follow these tips and you can keep that spring in your step.

For even more tips to get you ready, visit this link, and for more information on how the time change impacts you, visit this site. And don’t forget the kids! Here are some great tips to be sure they’re prepared for the time change too.

Lifespan Blog Team

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