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Mindcast: Healthy Mind, Healthy Child Podcast

A Podcast from the Experts at Bradley Hospital, Leaders in Mental Health Care For Children

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Is your teen depressed? Are they anxious? Is this normal?

Now, more than ever, families and caregivers have questions about their child’s mental health. Bradley Hospital clinicians share their expertise on Mindcast. Listen to recent episodes below.

Kids growing up today are impacted by their peers, their friends, and social media in ways that we never were. As a result, a staggering forty percent of children are affected by a mental health disorder at some point in their childhood. 

At Bradley Hospital, our expert clinicians in children’s mental health work with kids and families every day, providing clinical care to children of all ages and their families, both virtually and in-person. And we are now sharing some of our expertise on our very own podcast hosted by Gregory Fritz, MD, Tanujah Ghandi, MD, and Anne Walters, PhD.


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