Coastal Medical Patient Portal

Coastal Medical Patient Portal

Coastal's previous patient portal (eCW/Healow) will be disabled as of May 6.

Note: The following information applies only to those who were Coastal patients prior to Coastal’s migration to Lifespan’s electronic health record (EHR) on 2/5/2024 and had an active account in Coastal’s previous patient portal.

In February, Coastal switched to Lifespan’s electronic health record (EHR). At that time, patient health information was moved to the new EHR platform. Currently, Coastal patients can still view their historical records on the previous portal, for a limited time.

However, as May 6, 2024, Coastal’s previous patient portal (eCW/Healow) has been permanently disabled. As a result, you are no longer able to log into your previous portal account. This also means you will not be able to access your historical health information with Coastal prior to 2/5/2024 – this applies to both your previous portal and the new MyLifespan portal.

This information will not be lost. Coastal clinicians and care teams have access to it. You may submit a request for copies of your health record documents by contacting your practice, or you can use this secure online Release of Health Information form at any time.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

About MyLifespan
The MyLifespan portal is fast, simple and secure and available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. On the Portal you can book an appointment, request a prescription refill, message your practice and even view your lab results.

Ways to Use MyLifespan

You can access MyLifespan from your computer, phone and other devices to:  

  • Schedule a visit with your primary care provider
  • Conduct a remote video visit (telehealth) with your provider* 
  • Check in online in advance of your appointment to save time and answer important questions in a private setting at the time most convenient for you
  • Review Lifespan laboratory results within 24 hours and Lifespan imaging results within 3 days**
  • Learn about medical conditions
  • Monitor your health information
  • Record important information such as blood pressure and glucose levels
  • Securely communicate with your doctors and care team
  • Request a health record transfer if you change providers or relocate
  • Manage the health information of family members, if permitted
  • Pay bills online

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for MyLifespan?

There are several ways to get signed up for a MyLifespan account:

  • Clinic staff might sign you up directly while you're at the front desk or in the exam room.
  • You might receive a MyLifespan activation code on your After Visit Summary or on a billing statement.
  • You might receive a text message or email with an activation code when you come in for a visit.

If you don't have an activation code, you can request one on the sign-up page. You can also contact us at After we verify your information, you will receive a new code.

If you received your activation code, you may complete your registration on the sign-up page.

What if I forgot my username or password?

If you're having trouble logging in, click the "Forgot Username?" or "Forgot Password?" link below the login fields for assistance. You will go through two-step verification to verify your identity so you can recover your username or password. 

You may also contact our MyLifespan Patient Support Line at 401-606-6957 (606-MYLS) to request assistance.

What do I do if I get locked out of my MyLifespan account?

We aim to protect your privacy and information. If you remain idle for 10 minutes or more after you log in to MyLifespan, you will be automatically logged out. We recommend that you log out of MyLifespan if you need to leave your computer for even a short period of time.

To have your account re-activated, send an email request to or call our MyLifespan Patient Support Line at 401-606-6957 (606-MYLS).

How do I access Coastal's previous patient portal?

Until May, 2024, you may access your former portal account to view historical health records here: Coastal's old patient portal login page.

Note: Your former portal account is read only. You will be able to view historic health record information prior to 2/5/2024, but you will not be able to view new information or message or enter information using this account. Your former portal account will be permanently disabled for any viewing in May, 2024.


*Use of the MyLifespan mobile app on your Smartphone is required for video visits.

**Certain sensitive test results such as those for cancer, pregnancy, HIV and sexually transmitted diseases will not be posted and will require notification by your physician.

All of your health information is maintained and shared in accordance with applicable federal and state laws, and in strict compliance with HIPAA rules.

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