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The Brite Lite employee recognition program was launched in 2002, and highlights five employees who have gone above and beyond their everyday duties to make the patients and families with whom they come into contact feel safe, important, and well cared for.

Brite Lites are selected as those who best exemplify Lifespan's C.A.R.E values at Hasbro Children’s Hospital: Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Excellence.

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Congratulations to Our 2021 Brite Lites

Patients and their families salute Hasbro Children's Hospital's 2021 Brite Lites.

Melissa Mansour, RN

Melissa Mansour, RN

2021 Brite Lite

"She was great about making Rose feel special and cared for."

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Kerry Burke, BSN, RN

Compassion: When Kerry called me to follow up on my daughter's testing results she was met with a very stressed, emotional, relieved mother who had numerous additional questions. She listened without interruption and addressed each of my concerns, never rushing me or making me feel like I was a bother.

Accountability: Kerry called me in a timely manner after both test results became available. She opened the conversation with, “I’m calling with good news,” so that my fears were immediately alleviated. She ensured all of my questions were fully answered before hanging up the phone.

Respect: Kerry shared with me that she is also a mother so that she understands my concerns and is therefore more than willing to spend extra time with me addressing my questions. She was kind, spirited, and compassionate during our conversation.

Excellence: I work in healthcare myself and know that we are all operating over capacity and under resourced. I was blown away by the level of service Kerry provided when following up with me regarding my daughter and the tests that were run. For somebody who has such a full plate, she never once let that affect the level of care that was provided.

Additional Comments: Kerry is a fantastic resource and nurse. I’m blown away by the entire pediatric cardiology team and Kerry’s level of service during follow-up was the true icing of the “care cake”. It’s also work mentioning that Dr. Lombardi also took her time with us, listened to our concerns, and ensured we had a plan we were comfortable with. I felt 100% comfortable while we had our visit were her and am thankful for the professionalism and compassion shown. All of the nurses and techs on Dr. Lombardi’s team were fantastic and Kerry is the Brite Lite, leading by example. She is an employee deserving of recognition because it would have been 100% easier for her to simply rush me off the phone each time. Thank you to all.

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Melissa Mansour, RN

Compassion: Spent a long time getting every knot out of Rose’s hair.

Accountability: Missy was on top of the timing of meds which helps Rose’s pain and nausea..

Respect: She took time to make Rose feel good about herself by giving a thorough bath.

Excellence: She was great about making Rose feel special and cared for even when Rose required a lot of time.

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Carol Raposo

Compassion: Carol was so caring about our situation. We were here during a 12-hour surgery, and she was just so good to us.

Accountability: She stuck to her word whenever she told us something.

Respect: I can’t even express how respectful she was to everyone!

Excellence: Carol went above and beyond for us during our wait.

Additional Comments: Carol is such and asset to Hasbro and I am honored to have met her. She is one of the most caring and understanding person I have ever met!

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Grace Brilhante

Compassion: Grace checked us in the morning. She was so sweet, put is in a comfortable waiting room so I could pump and breast feed Avery, who was 6 weeks old.

Accountability: Our admission to the hospital was incorrect. We were told to come early but no rooms were available. Grace called the manager of the unit and made sure we had a room ASAP!

Respect: Grace checked on us, walked us to our room as well as to the café to get food. She respected the fact that we needed a space to feed/change/pump for our baby.

Excellence: Grace made us feel at east the moment we met her. The day was stressful, and she ensured us all would be okay and our room would be ready ASAP!

Additional Comments: Grace, we can’t thank you enough for your hospitality and care. Your kindness and compassion will not be forgotten. You light up the room with your warm smile and put two very nervous parents at east. Thank you for all you did for us that morning!

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Steven Williams, RN

Compassion: Steven was our nurse at night for Avery’s entire stay. He was excellent with her; she was only six weeks old. He showed compassion for her condition and put me at ease immediately.

Accountability: Steven was always helpful with any questions/concerns I had. He was on time for her medication and let me sleep through the night by changing Avery and putting her back to bed.

Respect: Steven always respected our privacy and made me (a nursing mom) feel extremely comfortable.

Excellence: I’m so glad we had Steven as Avery’s nurse. He made our stay comfortable and stress free. He also helped ease mom’s nerves by being compassionate and listening to my worries.

Additional Comments: I brought an “egg” light with me, which allowed me to change Avery at night without disturbing our roommate. Steven loved it and used it as well. I recently donated 25 “egg” lights to the hospital. I hope one finds its way to Steven to use at night with his patients. Consider it a "thank you" from Avery. 

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