Hasbro Children's Hospital
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For Your Child's Safety


At Hasbro Children's Hospital, we focus on the safety of your child and our staff. To ensure safety at all times, please be familiar with the policies below.

Fire Drills
We conduct fire drills to ensure the safety of all people in our building. During a drill, a nurse will close the door to your child's room as a routine procedure. In the event of a drill or a real fire during your child's stay, please follow all instructions given by the hospital staff.

Electrical Equipment
Please be sure that radios, tape recorders, hair dryers or other items that you bring in for your child are battery-operated. This is a hospital regulation.

Smoking Policy
The use of tobacco products is prohibited on all hospital property, including buildings, entranceways, sidewalks, parking lots and garages. Hasbro Children’s Hospital is committed to the health and safety of our patients, staff and visitors, and we appreciate your support of our tobacco-free initiative.

Our security department provides around-the-clock security. If you have any concerns, please call 401-444-5221.

Employees, volunteers and students wear photo identification badges that list their names and departments. If a badge is not clearly visible, please request identification from any person who asks you questions, transports your child or provides medical treatment. Anyone transporting or caring for your child should be wearing a photo ID badge.

Access to the Hospital
For security reasons, you must use the Rhode Island Hospital main entrance or the emergency department entrance after 8 p.m.; all other doors are locked.

For more information about security, please call 401-444-5221.

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