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Gratitude Stories from Newport Hospital

Andrea's gratitude story

Andrea's Story

It was October of 2022, and Andrea Blair’s life was about to change in a sudden and cruel way. “I wasn’t feeling well for a few days,” she remembers, “and one morning I woke up with tingling in my feet and having trouble walking…then my legs just gave out on me.”

Mary Heath - grateful patient

Mary's story

It was May of 2022 and Mary Heath was at Newport Hospital for her annual breast cancer screening. At the time, she assumed the mammogram would come back negative, as they always had. “But this time was different,” she recalls. “My radiologist noticed something that gave her pause. I remember her saying ‘I don’t like the looks of this’.”

Robyn Karp gratitude

Robyn's Story

Robyn Karp lived with back pain for 15 years. In her case, the culprit was spinal stenosis along with degenerative disc disease. The condition led to pressure on her nerves—and much discomfort, too.

Lovely Family

Nhyazia's Story

For Nhyazia-Renee Lovely, going to Newport Hospital to deliver her first child was a “positive and comforting” experience. Partly because her mom had given birth there three times and she had a good idea of what to expect.