Brain and Spine Tumor Center
Lifespan Cancer Institute

Survivorship Program

The Lifespan Survivorship Program helps patients regain the lives they had before their cancer diagnosis and treatment, and to adjust to life’s challenges at home, at work, and in their communities after they leave the hospital. All patients treated for brain or spine tumors are provided with an individualized treatment summary and care plan, which consists of their records of the cancer treatments they received and recommendations for ongoing monitoring.

What the Lifespan Survivorship Program Includes

The program includes: 

  • nutrition counseling
  • exercise recommendations
  • stress management strategies
  • recommendations for cancer surveillance and risk reduction strategies
  • topics that include intimacy issues

We team with patients’ primary care physicians as well as the staff at Lifespan hospitals and other community resources to ensure that we address every aspect of our patients’ survivorship needs. We can also make referrals or recommendations to other specialists and resources, and to physical therapy as needed.

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