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2023 Day of Giving

An out-of-the-blue leukemia diagnosis shocked Rachel Morris, yet also inspired her to continue her pursuit of becoming a certified nurse. Today, she’s realized both a 3-year remission and her nursing goal.

Day of Giving

Skydiving accident

After a skydiving accident in which he experienced severe injuries that included a fractured sacrum and 7 shattered vertebrae, Michel Kuri O’Farril of Mexico City found the lifesaving surgeries he needed at Rhode Island Hospital.

Day of Giving

Knee replacement

Michael Friend suffered from a rare arthritic condition in his knee that caused tremendous pain, impacting not only his quality of life but his ability to walk with confidence. But thanks to orthopedic surgeon Dr. Derek Jenkins and a new, innovative knee replacement implant device, the 53-year-old was soon able to get back to the active lifestyle he missed.

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