Rhode Island Hospital

2022 Honor Roll of Supporters

Rhode Island Hospital Foundation is proud to recognize its generous supporters whose philanthropy enables Rhode Island Hospital to provide lifesaving work while investing in the future of medicine, research, and medical education across southeastern New England. Many thanks for your generosity!  We apologize in advance for any names inadvertently omitted. To notify us of an omission, please contact a development team member at 401-444-6500.

$10,000,000 +

The Papitto Opportunity Connection

$2,500,000 +

The John and Tricia Ferreira Family

$1,000,000 +

Mr. John A. Tarantino

$500,000 +

Warren Alpert Foundation

Stephen and Katherine Watkins Family Endowment

$250,000 +

Estate of Albert Chester Beals, Jr.

Mr. Roger L. Hungerford

Herbert G. Townsend Trust

$100,000 +

Estate of Louis A. Corvese

The de Ramel Foundation

Delta Dental of Rhode Island

The Humphrey Foundation

The Gruben Charitable Foundation

Judge Hugo L. Ricci Jr.

Rhode Island Foundation

Rhode Island Medical Imaging



Sarah S. Brown Fund

Sidney R. Baer, Jr. Foundation

Kay and Leon Cooper

The Haffenreffer Family Fund

Gustaf T. Malmstead Fund

The John Martins Foundation

Charles A. Potter Fund

Ms. Diane N. Weiss


Brown Physicians, Inc.


George L. Flint Trust

King's Grant Foundation

KLS Martin Group

Susie G. Mott Trust

University Orthopedics, Inc.

WAB Family Fund


AAA Northeast


Belvoir Properties, LLC

Benedict Realty Group

Arthur Boss Trust

Dr. Jason K. Bowman, MD

Mr. Robert A. Bowman

Everett F. Boyden Trust

Mrs. Lisa M. Browning

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Calandrelli

Donna Paolino Coia and Arthur Coia

John N. & Lou C. Conyngham Family Charitable Foundation

Dimeo Construction Company

Anne King Howe Fund

George A. and Evelyn M. Ingleby Fund

Dr. David J Kanter and Dr. Peggy W. Wu

Locke Lord, LLC

Robert and Lynn Manning

Mrs. Patricia A. Monti

Muscular Dystrophy Association, Inc.

The Neurosurgery Foundation

Julius and Jessie R. Palmer Fund

Mrs. Barbara Papitto

George O. Potter Trust

Providence Business News

Rhode Island Society of Plastic Surgeons

Shields Health Solutions

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Thomas, Jr.

The Rupert C. Thompson Fund

Dr. Saul N. Weingart and Synthia A. Wayne



Ms. Nancy W. Bennett

George T. and Francele Boyer Fund

Brown Emergency Medicine

The Chemical Company

Ms. Cynthia Danner, DNP, RN, NE-BC

Dunkin' Brands


Alexander Grant Trust

Mrs. Jeanne Hawkins

Mr. and Mrs. Hans L. Kuster

LPG Anesthesia

Mr. Robert P. Mahoney

Mrs. Mary Lu Medeiros

Mr. Philip R. Morin

The O'Hanian-Szostak Family Fund

Mr. Kenneth Orenstein and Ms. Barbara Feibelman

RIH Medical Staff Association

Barbara Schepps Wong and Richard Wong

Mr. Peter Brett Scoliard and Ms. Sarah E. Sinclair

Frank and Amy Sellke

Mrs. Peggy B. Sharpe

United Natural Foods, Inc.

VPNE Parking Solutions


Adler Pollock & Sheehan, PC

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Amato

Amica Mutual Insurance Company


Bank of America

BayCoast Bank

Bristol County Savings Charitable Foundation

Nick and Diane Dominick

Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation

F.L.Putnam Investment Management Company

Genentech, Inc.

HopeHealth Hospice & Palliative Care

Dr. and Mrs. Edward A. Iannuccilli

Robert H. Janigian, Jr., MD

Mr. Andrew Kirk


Dr. Martha Mainiero and Mr. Douglas Mainiero

The Murray Family Charitable Foundation

Navigant Credit Union

Ocean State Credit Union

Pensionmark Meridien

Pratt Radiation Oncology Associates, Inc.

Rockland Trust Company

Safe Harbor Marinas

Mr. and Mrs. Harold I. Schein

Dr. Melissa L. Scull

Albert M. Steinert Trust

Mr. and Dr. Justin D. Sullivan

Taco Comfort Solutions

Hope L. Thornton Fund

Tufts Health Plan


Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Abbate

Dr. Julian Gary Abuelo

B Street Foundation

Dr. Timothy J. and Mora Babineau


Mr. Thomas J. Barry

Dr. and Mrs. James E. Beaulieu

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Bergeron

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Bert and Mrs. Teresa Bert

Mrs. Marcia C. Blacher

Blithewold Mansion, Gardens & Arboretum

Bristol County Savings Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Jonathan P. Brower

Dr. Kate Cahill and Dr. Jonathan Cahill

Centreville Bank

Mr. and Ms. Alfred S. Colonies

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Coughlin

Cox Business

D'Ambra Construction Co. Inc.

Thomas L. Depetrillo


Mr. and Mrs. David J. Dyer

Afshin S. Ehsan, MD

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Farley

Janet I. and H. James Field, Jr. Fund

Dr. and Mrs. Edwin G. Fischer

Karen L. Furie, MD

Warren B Galkin Foundation

Bob and Wini Galkin Fund

Richard J. Gladney Charitable Endowment Fund

Dr. Paul Gordon and

Mr. Matthew Holmes

Hope Foundation

Hope Global

The Anu and Mahesh Jayaraman Family Fund

Ms. Muriel E. Jobbers

Mrs. Pamela F. Kirkpatrick

Thomas R. Leddy, MD

Mr. Peter Mahoney

Mr. Mark S. Mandell

Bhikhaji M. Maneckji, Esq.

Ms. Maria G. Martins

Ms. Louise S. Mauran

Mr. and Mrs. Mark McAndrew

Mrs. Dorothy McCulloch, Trustee of the McAdams Charita

Mrs. Wanda M. McLaughlin

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Medeiros

Mr. Tyrone Neal

New England Laborers' Labor Management Cooperation Tr

Ms. Rayne A. Owens

Dr. Altin Pani, MD

Parsons Capital Management, Inc.

Mr. Marc A. Paulhus

Dr. and Mrs. David C. Portelli

Mr. Thomas J. Purtell, Jr.

Purvis Systems, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Ramos

Mr. Jalil-ur Rehman and Ms. Tasnim Fatima

Roberts, Carroll, Feldstein and Peirce, Inc.

Ms. Nancy Roth

Dr. and Mrs. G. Dean Roye

Mr. Christopher P. Salvadore

Mr. Vernon Samoorian

Paul & Jane Schmidt Family Gift Trust

Ms. Lauraine Boccone and Dr. Jeremiah D. Schuur

Ms. Debora W. Shapiro

Signet Investment Advisory Group

Silver Family Fund

The Peter & Linda Skelly Charitable Fund


Mr. and Mrs. David Smith

Spitz-Weiss Realtors

Mr. David Turano

Mauricio Valdes, MD

Mr. Maris Veidemanis

Mr. Victor Vetters

John and Mary Wall Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome N. Weinstein

Wellington Management Company, LLP

Mr. and Mrs. William Wood Prince

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Woodcock

Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Young


Abbott Laboratories



Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Albertsen

Dr. Elaine J. Amato-Vealey and Mr. Bruce E Vealey

Marianne P. Barba, M.S., RN

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Barton

Sara G. Beckwith Fund

Ms. Nicole J. Benjamin

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Beukema

Andrew S. Blum, MD, PhD

Mr. Ruben Feliz and Mrs. Carrie Bridges Feliz

Ms. Lisa M. Capalbo

Bill and Tina Carr

Mr. and Ms. Antonino Catalano

Ms. Elizabeth Z. Chace

Ms. Marilyn J. Chadwick

Joseph M. and Judith H. Cianciolo

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Cohan

Mr. Patrick Collins

Aristides J. Cruz, Jr., MD, MBA & Ashley T. Peterson, MD

Denise Dangremond

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald A. DeLellis

Dr. Cathy Duquette and Capt. George Greenleaf

Harold J. Field Fund

G & F Donuts Inc.

Mr. Stephen Geanacopoulos and Rebecca J. Wilson

Dr. Sharon E. Gibson

Stephen E. Glinick, MD and Elizabeth A. Welch, MD

Mary Ann Hamler

Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Hjerpe, III

Mr. James Hooker

Dr. and Mrs. Peter A. Howland

Mr. Richard R. Jordan

Dayle and Ron Joseph

Mr. Louis Keeler

Mrs. Renee T. Kettelle

Mr. Donald Krasowski

Mrs. Phyllis R. Laporte

Dr. and Mrs. Phillip R. Lucas

M. A. Excavation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Margadonna

Mrs. Carol Massey

Mrs. Elizabeth R. Mauran

Mrs. Richard Key Mead

Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Mello

Michael and Marianne Migliori

Mr. and Mrs. Thadeus J. Mocarski

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Morris

Mr. Shaun O'Hearn

Mr. Matthew Parker and Mrs. Leslie Parker, Esq.

Jacqueline and David Parrillo

Ms. Joanne Patterson

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory D. Perry

Daniel E. Petashnick, MD

Mr. Alberto Ramos

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Raposa

Drs. Murray and Nitzan Resnick

Mr. David Rooney

Dr. and Mrs. Howard P. Safran

Mr. Douglas E. Scala

Mr. and Mrs. Mark K. Schweinshaut

Mr. Justin W. Serbent

Mr. Matthew Sluter

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Soboda

Tom and Sandy Stamoulis

Mr. Joseph P. Tamburini

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Tammaro

Dr. Nora Taylor

Judge and Mrs. Ernest C. Torres

Dr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Triebwasser

Mr. Richard Urban and Ms. Denise Nelson

Ms. Lisa R. Weisberg

Mrs. Aleen L. Weiss

Mr. and Mrs. Howard S. Weiss

Mr. Todd White

Winman Family Charitable Foundation

The Winter Family Foundation

$250 -$499

Mr. Frederick J. Aurelio

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Baker

Mr. Francis J. Beagan

Dr. Laurel A. Bliss

Mr. Richard Blumenthal

Mr. Norman J. Bolotow

Drs. Michael and Alice Bonitati

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Boscia

Kerry Sweeney

Bristol County Savings Bank

Mr. Thomas Bryson

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Caldamone

Mrs. Laura Castriotta

Mr. and Mrs. Jay C. Champi

Citizens Financial Group, Inc.

Coastline Anesthesia LLC

Mr. Phil Cohen

Mrs. Marilyn E. Colvin

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cornwell

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Costantino

Ms. Laureen M. Coyne

Mr. Jeffrey Cumplido

Dr. and Ms. Kwame O. Dapaah-Afriyie

Bradley D. DeNardo, MD and Liza M. Aguiar, MD

Mr. and Mrs. David C. DePetrillo

Mr. and Mrs. Robert DiMuccio

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. DiRaimo

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Drew

David and Mary Dubosky

Mr. and Mrs. Laurent J. Duhamel

Mr. William T. Durkin

Eye Specialists

Mary C. Fahrenbach, MD

Edward D. and Barbara L. Feldstein 

Mrs. Jessica Ferreira

Mr. Noel M. Field, Jr.

FM Global Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Barry M. Gertz

Ms. Elizabeth R. Glatzer

Mrs. Marilyn G. Greenberg

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Griswold

Mr. Patrick F. Healy

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan J. Houston

Thomas and Karen Igoe

Ms. Jennifer Janeiro-Massa

Dr. Deanna Joe

John C. Atwater Revocable Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kennally

Mr. Richard A. Kowal

Ms. Margaret A. Laurence and Ms. Lise M. Iwon

Mr. Michael N. Lavoie

Mr. Shane Lee

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Levine

Mrs. Janice W. Libby

Xiaoqin Alexa Lu, MD

Dolores MacKenzie

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Mancosh

Mr. Sean M. Marchetti

Mr. John B. Mariano


Mr. Kevin J. McGarry

Dr. and Mrs. Ryan McTaggart

Mr. and Mrs. David L. McVicker

Dr. and Ms. Paul E. Morrissey

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Morton

Mr. Thomas Nakayama

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Newton

Mr. Bob Newton

Mr. Peter M. Palermo

Ms. Carol Palmere

Dr. and Mrs. David W. Pearson

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Pendlebury

Angelo Pezzullo

Ms. Melissa J. Phillips

Mr. and Mrs. Chester Piascik

Mr. Dexter W. Pike

Planet Aid

Ms. Pamela Prout

Mr. Brian M. Raiche

Dr. Roger Raymond

Mr. Stefan Regelmann

Ms. Carla Ricci

Mrs. Lisa M. Ricci

Mrs. Elaine M. Riley

Ms. Patricia K. Rocha

Ruggieri Brothers, Inc.

Ms. Lois Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. Parul Schmidt

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Shedd

Mr. and Mrs. Weber H. Shill

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan S. Shulman

Mr. James H. Skrekas

Eileen M. Sloan

Mrs. Erin Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Stupell

Mr. Howard M. Taub

Mr. Dilip A. Thomas

Molly E. Thomas, MD

Dr. and Mrs. King W. To

Mr. James A. Tollefson

Dr. Ana C. Albuja-Villamar and Mr. Mauricio F. Villamar

Mamie and Rich Wakefield

Mr. George Warner

Mr. Barry D. Weiss

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Whalen, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Wild

Mr. Steven Wolf